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TOP 5: Best Tablet 2020

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Title :  TOP 5: Best Tablet 2020
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Top Tech Now
►Apple iPad Pro - Best Overall Tablet
★US Prices - amzn.to/2t9P4rJ
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2MvsQHG
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2smp9gB

►Fire HD 10 Tablet- Best Cheap Tablet
★US Prices - amzn.to/2stzdEq
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2tUOFtH
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2tUOQVT

►Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Best Android Tablet
★US Prices - amzn.to/2SyQpTB
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2MysZtW
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2Qb9Bpf

►Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro
★US Prices - amzn.to/2tcKSYf
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2tbdd1q
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2tcKSYf

►Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
★US Prices - amzn.to/2MA4898
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2Zsv28d
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2SxTxiW

Comment from : Top Tech Now

Sports Are For Women
Found by searching electronics
Comment from : Sports Are For Women

Any reviewer that recommends the Amazon Fire tablet is a fake review, likely paid off by Amazon.
Absolute garbage.

Comment from : BillyBob

Galaxy S6 is 4k but he didn't mention it. Also upgradable storage to 1t . It's clearly this guy is an apple fan boy . The specs on the s6 nearly double the iPad pro.
Comment from : Itslike123

Wtf???? How does the fire he 10 get better fps.???? It cracking lagging
Comment from : MerelyHelps

This is helpful!
Comment from : jenjonknight

Sean Kobra
Comment from : Sean Kobra

Enigmatic Firefly
Too many ads for such a short video
Comment from : Enigmatic Firefly

gentry black
Why can't tablet manufacturers make a tablet with phone specs?
Comment from : gentry black

Rishikesh S. Kumar
Its a good vedio for anxious tablet buyers.. 😀😊😁
Comment from : Rishikesh S. Kumar

Tracy Whitt
Great video but the Samsung Galaxy S6 is flagship not mid-range, S5E is mid-range. 😁
Comment from : Tracy Whitt

LaShonda Amazin Hicks
Thank you! I just ordered my S6 with shockproof case, waterproof bag and keyboard under $800
Comment from : LaShonda Amazin Hicks

Queen Elizabeth II
'space' 'eco sphere' cringe
Comment from : Queen Elizabeth II

Penelope lee subscribe to frwlalx
Comment from : Penelope lee subscribe to frwlalx

Grosso pro
Im looking A tablet with lots of Kb mg and So its not laggy when i play jailbreak because it always lags😭🤧
Comment from : Grosso pro

Grosso pro
We cant go to school there corona virus
Comment from : Grosso pro

Vinicius Leoncio
Se pra vcs é caro imagina pra nós BR
Comment from : Vinicius Leoncio

Can lenguage be changed to spanish in this tablet?
Comment from : PEPE pp

Marco Droid
I do not agree with that 5 top of tablet 2020. you forgot this one.
CHUWI UBook Pro 12.3-inch Tablet, Intel N4100 Quad-core 8G RAM 256G SSD 1920x1280 Resolution.

Comment from : Marco Droid

Hubert Faustino
Ipad is insane expensive only rich people can afford
Comment from : Hubert Faustino

Jivan Sharma
Comment from : Jivan Sharma

Rosebert Quijada
I have S5e and the performance is beyond i expected superb!
Comment from : Rosebert Quijada

I'm looking for a tablet with a large screen that's good for watching videos/movies. Doesn't need to have features like pen support or the best cameras... Any recommendations?
Comment from : SpeedStrengthJames

John Rhey Chanas
I suggest ipad air 2019
Ive been using it for 1 year now but I still can play fortnite at 60 fps and pubg at HDR graphics.
Also good for drawing like procreate.
You can afford it at a cheap price.

Comment from : John Rhey Chanas

iPad Air 2 users where you at???
Comment from : xX90sWereTheDaysxX

jose frank sosa diaz
This video is more desinformative rather than informative, my friend you are mixing hondas and toyota with ferraris and McLaren, and is totally inaccurate in comparison
Comment from : jose frank sosa diaz

I came here for the iPad mini 5

Vinny Bruce
Comment from : Vinny Bruce

Gurman Singh
Go for galaxy tab s6 it's costs 60k in india and 1080 $ in Australia
Comment from : Gurman Singh

Ipod pro's only problem is that it's too thin
Comment from : RTS 1

Blue Pack
Really Samsung ? Really? Stupid.
Comment from : Blue Pack

Leo Sta.rinala
0:52 apple ipad pro
Comment from : Leo Sta.rinala

Taco Truck
Showing the huawei us price is pointless. Their sales are banned in the US......
Comment from : Taco Truck

[Royal] JILT
I want one of these 😭😭
Comment from : [Royal] JILT

xavier cisa vendrell
Tablet à 💣
Comment from : xavier cisa vendrell

Cheese Crumpets
Has anyone ever told you that you sound like a robot when you're speaking?
Comment from : Cheese Crumpets

It’s iPhone 10R not ExR
Comment from : J B

Harpreet Kaur
My amazon tablet get damaged in one day 😢😢
Comment from : Harpreet Kaur

best tablet is one that has a replaceable battery
Comment from : FlyCaster

Tab S6 supports upto 1TB micro SD card, not 512gb. TabS5e supports only up to 512gb card. I watched this on a tab s6
Comment from : mahmoodalim

This guy's budget is 1000$ I guess...
Comment from : PV AMV

Lmao. This iPad Pro is NOT the new 2020 model. It’s the 2018 model.
Comment from : Arkboi21

Nicole F
if the next Samsung tablet is 12.9 like Ipad pro instead of 10.5 I'll buy it asap !
Comment from : Nicole F

FFF Rafa
Which tablet is best for drawing with pen... Can you give me a suggestion?
Comment from : FFF Rafa

Piper Polen
“iPad Pro 20fps recording” 😂
Comment from : Piper Polen

Right-Wing Atheist
Retina display is just a gimmick done by apple they buy somebody else's stream and brand it retina
Comment from : Right-Wing Atheist

Ziyi Jin
how much did amazon pay you to advertise the fire HD?
Comment from : Ziyi Jin

Cockatoosmom Mary Angel
I need a tablet that is WiFi/cellular
I know iPad has them but wonder if others have it too

Comment from : Cockatoosmom Mary Angel

sushil kumar lohani
I think iPad is best for me 😇😇

Best the budjet... 😅😅😅😂😂

Comment from : sushil kumar lohani

John Short
Ipad pro best budget option? What planet are you from yer muppets.
Comment from : John Short

Ling Ip
Hi can I know which option is good? I need to choose from Galaxy Samsung Tab A or Hawaii MediaPad M5 Pro
Comment from : Ling Ip

Elaine Figueiredo
Muito bonito, muito caro... compra e depois se ferra, porque não tem mais atualização!!
Comment from : Elaine Figueiredo

Cannot believe this guy is pushing the Huawei shit. Why not just hand over all your personal details to the Chinese government .. ?!
Comment from : Frank

Shalom and Blessings
I'm looking for a tablet with a great camera and video. I hear much about the improvement of smart phone cameras, but wondered if any tablet cameras could compare. Do you have a suggestion?
Comment from : Shalom and Blessings

Nikita 98K
Samsung tab s5e and s6 best for price and tech than twice priced ipad pro.
Comment from : Nikita 98K

and i thought i needed help with this :D thanks for the tips but i think i know better :D
Comment from : noname

Altair Ramar
Best bang for the buck is the 2019 Samsung Tab A 10.1", 128gb, 3gb of ram.
Comment from : Altair Ramar

Peter tan
i think best budget here means: you get best performance for the budget you paid
Comment from : Peter tan

Mike Bocchinfuso
I think he is taking stronger drugs that smoking
Comment from : Mike Bocchinfuso

Thank you for putting this video together. I'm more interested in how much bloat ware the tablet comes with, If it can be unintalled and how userfrindly it is.
Comment from : Nils0scar

jason le
So you choose the most expensive iPad as the budget option?!?
Comment from : jason le

Stu Jobling
Best tablet yeah iPad but locked to iOS and some apps are not available say iptv or kodi so the kids now have the iPad and I've just bought the tab s6. Now android just unlocks a whole load of other apps and side loaded apps! And it's a power house of a tablet and the screen is just fantastic.
Comment from : Stu Jobling

david showers
I see why everyone is going to Samsung Lg tablets is one of the worst that ever came the fuck out next to the next tab fuck an LG I hate their products except for their TVs I would never ever ever buy another fucking tablet from them ever the fuck again fuck LG worthless piece of shit
Comment from : david showers

Codename F.A
Apple isn’t tablet it’s iPad
Comment from : Codename F.A

Robert Newton
my $58 dollar chinese tablet outpreforms all these American money pits even my $1,4oo dollar laptop America has the tech to make a good tablet but they want to put in slow software,that makes them more money.
Comment from : Robert Newton

Apple: That's right bitches I'm INVINCIBLE

Mac: Glares him down >:|

Apple: Never mind I have homework to do ^_^"

Comment from : KAY DE

I'd get the tab S6 on wish
Comment from : BUNNY BUNN BUNN

Sak Yant Foundation
amazon fire is a piece of shite
Comment from : Sak Yant Foundation

Ivan Guerra
Man, in the case of the S6 tablet you state that the 12 megapixels is good and nice, but in the case of the Huawei M5 13 megapixels camera you say that is not so good, so, How is this possible that a 12 megapixels camera is better than a 13 megapixels ?
Comment from : Ivan Guerra

Keith Wilson
Android rules.
Comment from : Keith Wilson

Kunal Potdar
What about huawei Matepad pro
Comment from : Kunal Potdar

bambang saputro
I have one of them
Comment from : bambang saputro

Huawei matepad pro
Comment from : TheLordDon

Sri Varman
Is there a tablet with 5G capability and a 4K screen?.
Comment from : Sri Varman

iPad Pro... Budget? xDD
Comment from : MysteryDoorStudio

joshua deslandes
Y'all should check out this cheap tablet I just bought it and it's really good @t
Comment from : joshua deslandes

I see why most ppl chose powerful specs good quality materials only to use on low usage work and old school simple low ram usage game, quality pictures and videos. Kinda waste of resources i think.

I also see ppl chose high standard materials, they dont prefer the end game specs, their just aiming for durability and a lifetime use.

Im gaming and browsing most of the time so what matters to me is that the spec are good enough that can run most applications on the next decade. Material quality to me doesnt matter and quality of other stuff im not aiming for perfection as long as the apps i want to run can do the job. Ofc battery life, ram, storage and processor speed are my ideal target when buying a tablet/phones.

Comment from : drekson23

Alfred Everything
I don’t understand how the Tab S5E is better than the Tab S6 😐 😐 😬
Comment from : Alfred Everything

Lie Sandy
Ipad Pro Budget Option????? WTF are you smoking man????.
Comment from : Lie Sandy

Equinox 777
I love your vids, great vid I can now buy a good tablet, if you like this I would cry of happiness
Comment from : Equinox 777

Char Jarm
What is Samsung S6 tab battery life you didn't say that
Comment from : Char Jarm

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