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5 Best Android Tablet in 2019

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Information 5 Best Android Tablet in 2019

Title :  5 Best Android Tablet in 2019
Lasting :   11.11
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The 5 Best
👉5 - Lenovo Tab 4 - amzn.to/2VpAEAp
👉4 - Fire HD 10 Tablet - amzn.to/2XGeV4E
👉3 - Huawei MediaPad M5 - amzn.to/2XNr7AJ
👉2 - ASUS ZenPad 10 - amzn.to/2GHRgva
👉1 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - amzn.to/2XJTVdu

Comment from : The 5 Best

Ghost Tales and Chill
If you don't have the item with you don't post a review, anyone can google and read these things.
Comment from : Ghost Tales and Chill

radoslav markovic
samsung tab s5e
Comment from : radoslav markovic

Well the ASUS ZenPad z10 was the first Asus tablet. The second was the actual ZenPad 10.
Comment from : D B

2GB of RAM??? that's awful, did these companies pay you to say 2gb is good??
Comment from : Harvest

Mila Leila
Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 is the best on the market. And I owned the Asus Zenpad 10, it sucked lagged and took forever to turn off and on after only a month of light use.
Comment from : Mila Leila

Tafadzwa Spencer
what about the Apple iPad 7, Huawei Media Pad T5, Galaxy Tab A???
Comment from : Tafadzwa Spencer

Ling Ip
Hi , can you give advice about which I should choose Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Hawaii or HAWEI MEDAPAD T5 Is better? I want a Tablet can last for long battery and the Ram is more faster and less stopping when using.
Comment from : Ling Ip

epic gamer
What are best 7 inch tablets
Comment from : epic gamer

hanu sree
Could you recommend tabs for drawing
Comment from : hanu sree

David Emerling
It's amazing that virtually ZERO tablets provide a means of porting video to a larger screen (i.e. TV). No HDMI port nor mini minidisplay port. I realize you can always use something like Chromecast, but that requires the TV to have special hardware. It would be nice to have to have the versatility to directly plug into any TV and place your tablet image onto a TV screen ... like when you're in a hotel room.
Comment from : David Emerling

Robin Sattahip
I'll take the Huawei, if the Government says not to buy it, it must be good.
Comment from : Robin Sattahip

christopher hayes
Samsung Galaxy tab s6.1st August 2019.

Best there is regarding Android

Comment from : christopher hayes

I just want an 8 inch tablet with a decent screen and micro SD card support. I have the Amazon Fire Kindle, but the screen isn’t that great and the volume is so low! Even on maximum level.
Comment from : craigr98

Philip Beam Sr
The Fire10 has 32 internal storage, not 16.
Comment from : Philip Beam Sr

Would you mind including the name of the processors during the specs section? It's a lot easier to gauge relative performance if I can look just the exact SoC and see where it fails in line with ones that I'm familiar with.
Comment from : Charsept

Tracy Whitt
I have the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. I think is just as good or better than the Amazon Fire tablet.
Comment from : Tracy Whitt

Radea Cristian
Hi, what tablet 8 inch is best for gaming?
Comment from : Radea Cristian

Darren The Great
Great video mate but you did mention what android by each tablet uses & if the manufacturer are good at updating they android systems my Asus is still on Android 7 not good...
Comment from : Darren The Great

Altair Ramar
2019 Samsung Tab A 10.1", 128gb, 3gb ram....Best bang for the buck in 2019
Comment from : Altair Ramar

S6 is also good but I love my S4!♥
Comment from : ALVIN유튜브

Scott Oiab
The Lenova is not a lap top.
Comment from : Scott Oiab

luciano skaldeman
they are all shit my watch is better than the galaxy tab s4
Comment from : luciano skaldeman

Altair Ramar
For under $200 on Cyber Monday, the Samsung Tab A 10.1" 128gb, 3gb ram, is IMO, the best tablet in 2019.
Comment from : Altair Ramar

Francoplayz - Minecraft
Can I make it a second monitor?
Comment from : Francoplayz - Minecraft

I hit the dislike button and noped out of this video when he started recommending a goddamn 2GB ram tab. Nope. It's 2019 and there's no way that's going to be usable. Who even came up with this shitty list??
Comment from : Nenitta

Great products, great information , I can't wait for another big deal like what I have seen in this video.
Comment from : xydah

Mary Wilcox
I would actually buy number one because it come with a pen.And I love the graphics.I would actually buy number one I don’t like the rest of them.And he got the sound speakers they do some pretty good.👍👍👍Number one that’s why I picked
Comment from : Mary Wilcox

No Logic 3k
Wtf. S4?? Lol garbage list. At least s5e.
Comment from : No Logic 3k

Purevnyam Munkhbaatar
The voice kinda reminds me Jim from The Office
Comment from : Purevnyam Munkhbaatar

Leon’s Studio
Comment from : Leon’s Studio

Samsung still makes the only android tablets i will ever buy.
Comment from : Perseuns

Christos Voliotis
I think the samsung S5e deserves to be featured
Comment from : Christos Voliotis

Steve Lewis
Worst comparison review I've seen. This guy has just read out advertising blurb about various tablets and he's got a lot of that wrong. For example, the Fire HD 10 does not have an aluminium back - it's plastic, also its rear camera is 2mp not 5mp.
Comment from : Steve Lewis

Whats a good 8" tab to take on the plane?
Comment from : ☠OsirisTheGreatShaman☠

Omni Codex
Nice commercial, bruh.
Comment from : Omni Codex

D Hansel
Which one of these Android tablets would work with the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom OR Pro? The software is DJI Go-4 APP.
How many NITS (of brightness) do these tablets have when viewed in bright sunlight.

Comment from : D Hansel

mike v
expensive, too little ram, tablets will not work next year, 2GB ram too little in 2019. need 4GB min, I just got one with 8Gb ram and android 9 for $92. do not like this review. why are these items recommended. what is author motive.
Comment from : mike v

Star1 child
9:18 refers to 64GB storage as whopping in 2019 when tablets ie. iPad Pro have capacities up to 1TB option. How would 1TB be described?
Comment from : Star1 child

from the soundless city frost
Shit tablets.. You could have made something better
Comment from : from the soundless city frost

Daniel Garcia
Do Amazon Fires still have a ton of bloatware? So annoying to use in the past
Comment from : Daniel Garcia

Raúl Rojas Villarreal
fake revisión ❌
Comment from : Raúl Rojas Villarreal

Charlotte Hickman
Did anyone else notice at 2:12 that the date on the tablet is Christmas Eve?
Comment from : Charlotte Hickman

Muhammad Haikal
There are no best androids tablet. Only iPad is the best tablet.
Comment from : Muhammad Haikal

David Herrera
How was this posted in 2019? These are really old tablets!
Comment from : David Herrera

Leah vapes86
What about the tab s5e and tab s6?
Comment from : Leah vapes86

John Fernandes
Worst recommendations... Clearly a sponsored video.
Comment from : John Fernandes

Dyne Markis
Horrendous and súper stupif vídeo i see teclast with 4 RAM and runn 1009 better ...
Dislike x 10000

Comment from : Dyne Markis

Fire HD 10 is not an android tablet my dude...
Comment from : Cube

Viker Yuen
instant dislike, yep, you earned it faster than the 2gb of ram in 2019 ~
Comment from : Viker Yuen

"2x 1.2 GHz cores, for fast a~" done r.r
Comment from : Darlemonte

This review seems like BS as soon as you recommended that lenovo tablet.
ANY tablet that has less than 3-4GB of RAM in 2019 is garbage for performance based applications.
It may work fine, but it isn't going to deliver great performance. Hands down.
....Then you recommended ANYTHING made by amazon (tablet wise)?
Super BS, dude.

Comment from : Darlemonte

Gautam Das
Good extra😊
Comment from : Gautam Das

Bill Loveless
You should list the bloatware that each tablet has.
Comment from : Bill Loveless

This is not Best (lenovo 4 8)
Comment from : Ahmet DAĞLI

Shrishail Hiremath
Is it helpful for projector connection?
Comment from : Shrishail Hiremath

Shahana Rahman
can you tell me wich tablet is best for android games,that i can get in Bangladesh?? plz answer me. i want to know.
Comment from : Shahana Rahman

Mr. X
Is the Xperia Z2 tablet still relevant in 2019? Its price is super low now.
Comment from : Mr. X

Harshad Achrekar
Comment from : Harshad Achrekar

Marlon Marasigan
Mi PAD 4 PLUS is the best Tablet
Comment from : Marlon Marasigan

Maison David
Lost me at 2gb ram
Comment from : Maison David

juan carlos Palomino
How is a 10 inch 1280x800 resolution screen "very sharp and clear" and have great picture? You can literally see the individual pixels on it lol
Comment from : juan carlos Palomino

Gaming with Sasky
You don't know what you're talking about Amazon fire tablet is the best and every were you see people have fire tablet
Comment from : Gaming with Sasky

Sea Oh
Any time i see ipad or fire, or 2gb ram tablets on “best” tablet review, i automatically assume that the author does not know his shit. Good bye.
Comment from : Sea Oh

Gaming with Sasky
I have the fire tablet hd 10
Comment from : Gaming with Sasky

Tab S6 is now the best android tablet
Comment from : 03chrisv

Pro Gamer
I want lenovo tab 4
Comment from : Pro Gamer

Lancelot Xavier
Unfortunately, the people suffering from using Amazon Fire tablets can not express their disappointment because they don't have YouTube. Amazon does not allow YouTube on their tablets. I doubt it would even run well on Fire anyway it so slow.
Fire? They should be called molasses on a cold winter morning.

Comment from : Lancelot Xavier

Eww android is bad
Comment from : Jacobbrins

Kevin Teran
People still use tablets?
Comment from : Kevin Teran

Taleah Ice cream Just-Beat It Mj’s The best
I want a android tablet on my birthday witch is on September 14.1 MONTH
Comment from : Taleah Ice cream Just-Beat It Mj’s The best

Noisy _ CZ
Tablet from Amazon??? No!!
Comment from : Noisy _ CZ

yes i use 2gb tablets and they are the best in 2019
i also use windows vista

Comment from : ScaryHotdog

jon-paul terry
jim get back to the office lol
Comment from : jon-paul terry

Andres Samsing
The Amazon 10 tablets is very slow for games. Also WiFi is slow. Not a good tablet.
Comment from : Andres Samsing

Red 19
I like how entry levels are like 700 bucks these days.....
Comment from : Red 19

Blue BirdFish
I have galaxy tab s5e
Comment from : Blue BirdFish

Any review that recommends the Amazon tablets Fire is fake.
Agonizingly slow and no Google Store, so not even YouTube. This guy even claims its "fast".

Comment from : Pain_Is_Good

I would really suggest for you to only review the products you actually have at hand. Anybody can watch the commercials and see exactly what you're seeing...
For your Information:

Lenovo Tab 4 was release in september 2017 (two years before you date it).. Oh and it's a complete hit of a tablet (I have it!!!!)

Fire HD, the video says Full HD 1080P - you says ! million pixels (1mpix) ,12880x800 is 1.024mpix, two Gb of ram... are you serious? is this a 2013 video? ('nuff said)

I couldn't suffer through more of it... Listen, man, if you're trying to make an impact or make a channel people like. Say what you think. Lenovo? It's shit, don't buy it. Fire HD? might be OK? specs but doesn't come with play store, so you won't be able to run all android apps....

Stop being a bitch to the system. We want honest reviews. If all you research is the advertisement, then you're not doing anybody a service. Also, why not show your sub counter? Are you ashamed? I'd be surprised if it reached over a thousand, who cares though? own it! DO BETTER, listen to people, give them what they want!

I might sound a little harsh, but this is THE business, don't hate me, I'm helpin' you

Comment from : still34u

2gb ram in 2019. OMEGALUL
Comment from : BluD

Imagine Knowledge
Why tablets have less internal storage than cellphones
Comment from : Imagine Knowledge

Why cant you give the price?
Comment from : Whitewalker

Ian M
Tablets in 2019 - lists a bunch of 2017 models and a 2018 model tablet. Not a single tablet made this year, which for example, the Tab S5e beats all bar the S4 in terms of hardware. Terrible video.
Comment from : Ian M

Supremebkv Bk
You Missing, No.1 tablet is Mi pad 4 plus.
Comment from : Supremebkv Bk

Pine The Sheep
Why do you sound like john kradinski
Comment from : Pine The Sheep

2GB RAM isn't enough in 2019... from an owner of the 2GB Lenovo, which is super laggy.
Comment from : flyzipper

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