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TOP 5: Best Android Tablet 2020

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Information TOP 5: Best Android Tablet 2020

Title :  TOP 5: Best Android Tablet 2020
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Top Tech Now
►Lenovo Tab 4 10 - Great Budget Option
★US Prices - amzn.to/2SAt43Z
★UK Prices - amzn.to/366a3dN
★CA Prices - amzn.to/39khGPX

►Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Best Overall Android Tablet
★US Prices - amzn.to/2SyQpTB
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2MysZtW
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2rIXDtu

►Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro
★US Prices - amzn.to/2F073nj
★UK Prices - amzn.to/37jJbHr
★CA Prices - amzn.to/36cdSOs

►Fire HD 8 Tablet - Great Budget Android Tablet
★US Prices - amzn.to/34YKfPq
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2MFLzjY
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2Szb5ek

►Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - Best Value Per Dollar
★US Prices - amzn.to/2MA4898
★UK Prices - amzn.to/2Zsv28d
★CA Prices - amzn.to/2SxTxiW

Comment from : Top Tech Now

Worsts / Surfs
what about the galaxy tab a 10.1 ?
Comment from : Worsts / Surfs

Vodka gegen Stinkeschuhe
Comment from : HubertHummer

RevelPlayz HD
The I like the s5e
Comment from : RevelPlayz HD

PlayStation gamer
Why is the mi pad 4 not on this list
Comment from : PlayStation gamer

The galaxy S6 is $500.00 on Amazon TODAY (Wed April 1st,) so the price is wrong on this video of did I miss the correct price?
Comment from : zoe1baby

No Teclast T30 on the list, oof! lol
Comment from : LatinLegacy

luis enrique Villamil Nagles
You don't say nothing about the option of +phone
Comment from : luis enrique Villamil Nagles

poopypants mcapple
I have the levovo tab 1
Comment from : poopypants mcapple

Dan Hazy
very limited mention of the fact that Amazon Fire tablets do not use the Google play store! While there are many apps available, this can be very limiting. I have several older smaller tablets and fine the lack of support for the google play store unacceptable at any price. This could almost be a video in itself. There are many apps that are just not available under the "android? / fire" app store.
Comment from : Dan Hazy

Boniface 97
How about huawei mediapad m6?
Comment from : Boniface 97

Which video editor u use
Comment from : MEGHALAYA Channel

Rachel Light
I have a Lenovo Tab S4. Sure it's camera isn't very good especially when in bright and dark areas,but otherwise it's a great tablet.
Comment from : Rachel Light

kenny Smith
I can't believe that I am saying this but. IPad is better.
Comment from : kenny Smith

MGDMC Norn Tith
Very bad for gaming, MLBB
Comment from : MGDMC Norn Tith

Miquel Matas
Sorry to say that Fire tablets are NOT Android tablet
Comment from : Miquel Matas

Bro giveaway a tab to me i am your subscriber from Pakistan can't afford to buy
Comment from : JAVED SHAH

Nick Enchev
thank you mr-generic-review-voice-guy
Comment from : Nick Enchev

Seth Sauls
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Comment from : Seth Sauls

best very good movie
Comment from : OverFive

Radthad Extras
s5e is🤯👏👏🔥
Comment from : Radthad Extras

Comment from : i3ioPilot

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