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sweety games mobile Mitt Romney is a jackass, I am only back in the United States for four(4) days and he has gotten under my skin. Today he said that classes should get larger yielding the advantage of having one teacher teach more students; just a cost cutting measure and guess what, he wants to be president. He has never attended a public school and if you have ever attended a public school you undoubtedly rubbed shoulders with poor and middle class children and sometimes you thought you knew them well. You can’t really know them until and unless you visit poor families and spend time in their environment. No, Mitt Romney is being dishonest when he pretends to understand the lifestyle of middle class families or poor families. He doesn’t have to apologize for for being rich but he is on the wrong side for I can’t fathom belonging to a party that included Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or Alan West (R-FL); two of our most prominent colored politicians. What do these guys have in common? Listen carefully about Romney’s record on job creation since that is not the goal of companies like Bains. If a man will lie about facts you can be assured that he will lie about almost anything. The bed of thorns is still tilled and tended by the American Tea Party. The White House is the official residence and workplace of the U.S. President and its official address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. This house was designed by James Hoban, an Irish-born designer; it was built between 1792 and 1800 of white Aquia sandstone in the Neo-Classical style. It has been the official residence of every president since. The purpose of this story is to illuminate the fact that slaves and Black freedmen played a pivotal yet downplayed role of helping to actually build the White House. The original planners had hoped to recruit Europeans resulting in a dismal failure therefore they turned to slave labor since the District was contiguous to two (2) slave states, Maryland and Virginia. Starting in 1790, when the cornerstone was set until the ruinous fire of 1815, the talent and labor of negro slaves went into creating this 18th century edifice. Free negro slaves and immigrant Scots also participated in the construction. Skilled quarrymen, carpenters, brick makers, and sawyers turned raw materials into lumber, stone, brick, and nails. Slaves quarried and cut the stone from the government’s quarry in Aquia, Virginia; they formed bricks that were used to build temporary worker’s housing. Much of the lumber came from a slave managed sawmill near White Oak Swamp near Richmond and many of the slaves were rented out by their owners for $5 per month. They were regularly fed cornbread, beef and pork and they were given medical attention; the cost of clothing and yellow fever inoculations was docked from the slave owner’s rent. In fact, the legacy of American presidents owning slaves goes all the way back to George Washington. Twelve (12) American presidents owned slaves and eight (8) of them owned slaves while in office. From the White House’s inception, slaves were a common sight. The main residence as well as the foundations of the House was built by slaves and free Negroes as well as a few Europeans; other construction work was performed by immigrants who often were not citizens yet. The sandstone was erected by Scottish immigrants; their work included “high rose relief” and garland decorations above the Northern entrance and the “fish scale” pattern between the window hoods. According to the White House Historical Society, the slaves worked seven (7) days per week in the hot and humid summer of Washington, DC. In 1800, John Adams was the first president to live in the White House and as a staunch anti-slavery man, he kept no slaves. Thomas Jefferson, in spite of his love affair with one of his slaves, called slavery an assemblage of horrors and he brought his slaves with him. Early presidents were responsible for their own household expenses so many brought their slaves with them. James Madison, who succeeded Jefferson, held slaves all his life even while he was in office. When the Brits sat the White House on fire in 1812, Madison’s slaves helped to remove artifacts from the building. Well folks, you might understand why black people today bristle when we are portrayed as consumers and not contributors, welfare recipients and not craftsman, as laggards and not industrious innovators. We are still looked upon as non-contributors to this great patchwork quilt called America because of revisionist history. Well there is one fact that historical revision can not change and that is this; America was aghast when Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington (not related to George) to the White House for dinner; nothing, I mean NOTHING, has changed except the black man is not the guest but a host in the House built by slave labor and he is just as reviled and hated as he would have been in 1901. The more things change, the more they stay the same. VOTE VOTE VOTE in 2012. how_to_improve_fortnite_fps how_to_improve_fortnite_fps A plan to turn the former Him Delicatessen and Back Room A n ­ tiques downtown storefronts into a caft5 was put on the hack burner Monday hy the W estfield Planning Board, as it grappled with what to do w ith a request fo r a six-home subdi­ vision proposed fo r a parcel o f land located o ff o f Rahway Avenue near W illo w Grove Road. Details o f the proposed subdivi­

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how_to_improve_fortnite_fps 1. Idols Become Rivals. The Truckee Dirt Fondo "big bad gravel" bike race starts and finishes at your Truckee Tahoe Airport on Saturday, June 8, 2019 .

how_to_improve_fortnite_fps how_to_improve_fortnite_fps Over the past decade, the airport has allocated more than $2 million in forestry management maintenance and countless hours of work into Waddle Ranch and other land surrounding the airport and its runways. Scattered across Waddle Ranch are clues to what Martis Valley's forest once were. Click heading for pics and full story. Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center. **NOTE: We need to move the archive from old to new website.
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